Tips to Increase Self Love

The current pandemic is not only affecting physical health but also mental health. For that, maintaining mental health is no less important. Self love or loving yourself can be interpreted as a form of effort to accept your own condition. Self love is said to be used to maintain mental health.

Well, here are the things you can do to apply self love in your daily life.

1.Make a List of Positive Things in Yourself
Before loving other people, love yourself first. Make a list of the positive things about you. Read over the list again to love and appreciate yourself more.

2. Stop Comparing
Maybe right now you are facing hard things or are feeling stuck so you compare your life with other people who look happy or successful. Stop doing it. Each individual has their own uniqueness. Doing so will only make you focus on the negatives.

3. Your Body Is Precious
As a form of self love, you also have to take care of your body by providing nutritious intake and exercising. By maintaining the body positive energy will radiate more. Support your sports activities with Cheers Alkaline Water. Contains a pH of up to 8.5 to help the body is maximally hydrated throughout the day.

4. Do a Hobby
Participating in a hobby or something that you are good at will not only increase your endorphins, it will bring out the best version of you, which will increase your self-confidence and love for yourself.

5. Build a Valuable Community / Environment
Support from people around who love you is also very important to foster self love. Build closeness and maintain good relationships with people around you who love you and stay away from toxic people as much as possible.


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