Traveling When You Fasting? No Need to Worry, Cheers Friends!

Fasting does not become an impediment to you who will be traveling. Although having to endure hunger and thirst does not necessarily make your traveling so boring. You can still actively visit interesting places and do fun activities. For that, Cheers have tips to keep your traveling fun even though fasting.

1. Choose Muslim- Friendly Destination
When going to start traveling in the month of Ramadan, Muslim-friendly destinations will allow you to find food for break fast even meal for pre-dawn. Muslim-friendly destinations also usually have plenty of support facilities for Muslim travelers, so you can still worship well.

2. Choose Nutritious Food When Pre-dawn Meal
Usually when traveling you prefer to sleep rather than get up early let alone for pre-dawn meal However, dawn is an important meal time during ramadan especially when you are traveling. Eating for pre-dawn is important because it gives you energy during the daytime activities until the time to break the fast arrived. Try to choose nutritious foods such as vegetables and fruits. Avoid junkfood.

3. Fulfill Body Fluid Intake
Body fluid intake should always be fulfilled so that your traveling activities run smoothly and fun. For that sufficient fluid intake when the meal and break the fast also before bed at night. Avoid consuming too many drinks containing lots of sugar. Simply intake your body with mineral water Cheers Alkaline Powered is perfect as your travel companion when fasting. Alkaline content (pH 8-8.5) helps the body optimally hydrated so, your traveling activity run smoothly until the breaking time arrived.

4. Find Out The Time for Break Fasting and Pre-Dawn Meal
Not all travel destinations have the same dawn and breaking time. Previously, you should find out first, time meal and break in the holiday spot via the internet or ask a friend. You can download the app to remind the hours of dawn and break the fast.

5. Carry Goods Necessary
When exploring a city or a country, do not carry too much because it will make you tired quickly. Bring only important items, such as wallets, cameras, passports and prayer supplies. So you can still worship while exploring your holiday destination.

6. Try Not to Do Heavy Activities
To save energy, as much as possible do not do heavy activities during fasting. Get rid of the desire to climb mountains, trekking, or rafting. Choose a travel activity that is light and relaxed, eg visiting museums or historic places of worship, hunting photos in art galleries.

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