Tricks Exercising For “Super Busy Person”

Exercise become one of the activities that must be done if you want to live healthy. However, busyness is often the reason people are lazy to exercise. In fact, exercise can be done only with a limited time or even when you work though. Here’s a trick that you can try to keep exercising in the middle of activity.

1. Short Exercise In The Morning
Try to get up early to exercise. It does not take long, you can do jogging or brisk walk 15-20 minutes. For those of you who are lazy out of the house can do HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). HIIT is a high intensity cardio exercise with a combination of movements performed in a short duration, ranging from 5-20 minutes. References on HIIT can be learned on the internet, Cheers Friends.

2. Make a Trip to the Office Be an Exercise
Don’t always drive a private ride to the office. If the distance to the home is not far away, try to walk or bike. You can join a club or community biking to the office. In addition to sweating, you also contribute to reduce congestion.

3. Find a Remote Parking Location
If you are forced to drive a private car every day, find a parking location a little way from the office. This trick will force you to walk and move the muscles of the body. Walking is the most lightweight, simple, and inexpensive form of exercise. Try to walk lightly, then slowly accelerate the pace. Exercise like this if done at least 10-30 minutes a day will maintain heart health, burn calories, and prevent osteoporosis. Therefore, you should keep your formal shoes under the desk. Use sports shoes during the trip to the office.

4. No Elevator, Get Used to Using Stairs
Do not over-indulge yourself. If it only takes up or down one to two floors, make it a habit to use stairs. Climbing down stairs is one form of exercise that can train the cardiovascular organs, train breathing, and strengthen muscles.

5. Don’t Lunch at the Desk
Get used to move actively during the office. Don’t keep sitting at your desk and facing the computer. If lunch time arrives, try to eat out of the office, or walk for unchained food around the office while socializing with office friends. But remember, choose kind of healthy food. If you bring food, bring your meal to the canteen and eat with friends.

6. Follow the Sport Club at the Office or in your Home
Although only once a week, just follow the sports club in your office or home environment. Usually this sport is a group such as futsal, badminton, or gymnastics. In addition to sports, following this club also makes you more social.
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