Tricks to Get Used to Drinking Water

As we know Cheers Friends, 80% of our body is made up of water. Obviously this makes the body needs a sufficient fluid intake by drinking water. Therefore, in one day our body requires at least 8 glasses of water. However, it is not easy to drink enough water. Anyone feel it? Relax, here’s a trick for you to get used to drinking water, Cheers Friends.

1. Place a glass of water near the bed
Please note, during sleep for 7-8 hours our body fasting, so that the lack of fluids. Therefore, drinking water when waking up is very good and recommended Cheers Friends. The trick is to pour water in a large glass before you go to bed and put it on the counter or near your handphone. Once awakened by the alarm sound, you can immediately sip water while checking the notification on your handphone.

2. Keep a Bottle of Water Near You
It would be easier to remember to drink plenty of water if the water source is close. When you are stuck by a pile of work in the office, or other activities you are often lazy to take a drink. So get to the office early, fill the bottle of water up to the full and put it on the table, in front of the eyes, so you can easily see and grab it. If your activity is outdoors, always keep a bottle of water in your bag.

3. Set Drink Alarm
There are many smart applications that can help to track your water intake. Try Download Daily Water Free (for iPhone and Android), Waterlogged (for Android and iPhone), or Water Alert (for iPhone). Alternatively, you can set your phone alarm every two hours (or more) to remind you to drink more water.

4. Don’t Leave The Bottle Empty
When at the place of activity or at home, keep drinking bottles with water and do not leave them empty. Instinctively, humans tend to be tempted to finish drink or food in front of it. This also applies to white water. Seeing the water in the bottle will trigger you to continue drinking until it runs out, so you have unwittingly drunk more water.

5. Mark your Bottle of Drink
Marking your bottle with an hourly distance to the bottom of the bottle, for example from 7 am-9am – 11pm – 1pm – etc, can help achieve your personal goals to drink more water throughout the day. Plus, you can know exactly how many times to refill your drink bottle.

6. Drink Water Before Eating
Drinking water before meals is helpful to lose weight. Drinking water before meals can help you cut calories and get full quickly. With this, you will be more motivated to drink water.

If by doing that trick you succeed, remember also to choose the right drinking water and healthy. Cheers Alkaline Powered are processed with Alpha Ion Alkalizer Technology to produce drinking water with an alkaline pH (8-8.5) which helps to balance body’s pH and boost metabolism.

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