Tricks to Get Kids to Drink Water

Healthy life begins with a healthy intake as well. In addition to food, a healthy body fluid intake should also be fulfilled. As we know, 80% of our bodies are made up of fluids. For that the needs of body fluids must be met with water. However, getting used to drinking water is quite draining especially for children.

Children prefer colored and tasteless drinks to water. Based on research in 13 countries published by the European Journal of Nutrition, it is known that one in four children in Indonesia is still drinking less, where 30% consumed is not water. Therefore, infants and children are susceptible to lack of body fluids. For that, parents should have a special trick to make children to get used to drinking water.

1. Introduce Water Early
After exclusive breastfeeding finish, usually the child will be fed formula milk to fulfilled the nutritional needs. However, don’t forget to introduce the water first before the drink tastes.

2. Use Interesting Glasses or Bottle
Usually, children will be interested in cutlery or drink with funny and colorful shapes. Take advantage of it to attract the attention of children to want to drink water. If a child likes a particular cartoon character, use a drinking spoon with a favorite cartoon character of the child. Slowly the child will get used to drinking water from the drinking place.

3. Give Example
Parents should be good role models for children including in getting used to drinking water. Show the child while you are drinking water. By looking at the habits of parents, the child will gradually imitate. Remember, parents have a big role to keep the fluid intake into the body of the child keep balanced so as not to cause dehydration.

4. Invite to Play and Exercise
Parents can invite children to physical activities such as playing in the yard or exercise. In addition to nourish the body and hone the development of children, the activity will also cause thirst so that children will tend to ask for drink after the activity ends. This moment can be used to provide water until finally he will get used to consuming it.

5. Don’t Leave Empty Drinking Bottles
Don’t forget to always fill the drinking bottle with water. If the consumption of milk is enough, do not fill the bottle drinking children with tea or other tasting water. If the child has started school always put a bottle of water in his bag. With this the child will get used to drinking water.

These ways may not work with once try. So, parents should not be tired of encouraging children to be healthier by drinking water. Well, for the selection of water must also be considered. Not all water is the same. Cheers Alkaline Powered is a drinking water produced with Alpha Ion Alkalizer technology to produce drinking water with an alkaline pH (8-8.5). Its alkaline pH content helps balance the body’s pH and boosts metabolism.

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