Tricks To Stay Healthy During Christmas and New Year Celebration

Every celebration, must always be identified with the abundance of food. No exception for Christmas and New Year celebrations. All kinds of food served, from snacks to heavy meals is always served at the table. The food was certainly there that contains enough fat and sugar. Do not let the delicious dishes that became a disease that must be faced when the beginning of the year. Well, to stay healthy, you can try the following trick:

1. Take a serving of vegetables, fruits and salads as often as possible
In celebration parties, vegetables and fruit are usually provided. With plenty of this fiber-rich diet, you save yourself.

2. Drink a lot of water
At a celebration or party, it should not be hard to find water. With plenty of drinking water, you feel full and free from the temptations of other sweet drinks. If necessary keep a bottle of water in your bag. Cheers Alkaline Powered in addition to containing a good alkaline pH to neutralize body pH, ergonomic packaging so perfect to take anywhere.

3. Choose a fish or meat without fat when you BBQ.
If in the celebration serves a BBQ dish, choose fish or lean meat. Can also chest or skin without chest. Most important is, dressing for this burnt dish.

4. Try to Avoid soft drinks or alcohol
Alcohol and soft drinks contain a lot of sugar. You can choose hot beverages like tea and coffee that are made by yourself so you can control the cream and sugar. Even if you have to drink alcohol, limit it!

5. Always keep moving
When gathering to celebrate Christmas and New Year, do not just sit there while chatting while chewing and drinking sweet drinks. Better to stand or walk around the room and get closer to another friend. In addition to looking warm to everyone, it also burns calories. When it’s time to sing and dance, try to take part.

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