why cheers?

CHEERS Alkaline Powered is healthy drinking water with quality in mind. It came from natural mountain water source, and processed carefully with Multi-filtration Sterilization, Ozonization, UV Treatment, and AIA (Alpha Ion Alkalizer) technology, to eliminate all water borne pathogens. CHEERS is packed hygienically without any added chemicals, and environmentally friendly. The alkaline content is the most optimum to boost our immune system and assist in mineral absorption effectively.

why alkaline?

The food that we consume will produce 2 kinds of minerals, which are :

  1. Acidic Mineral, produced by rice, bread, meat, coffee, milk, fish, nuts, alcohol, soda, etc.
  2. Alkaline Mineral, produced by alkaline water, vegetable, fruit, green tea, seaweed, etc.

Balance between these 2 minerals can ensure our health. Unfortunately, our lifestyle nowadays is making our body more acidic than alkaline along with the increase of acidity in our body, it cannot remove all the waste material efficiently, leaving acidic residue build up. This acidic residue is hazardous and poisonous to our body.

Drinking Alkaline water everyday helps stabilize our body’s pH, and help our body to discharge all our waste material more efficiently. Keeping our pH balance will allow us to stay young and healthy, prevents the deterioration of our body and help speed up the healing process of our organs, such as pancreas, liver, veins, even our skin. Research from Tan Tock Seng Singapore Hospital said that alkaline water may prevent cancer. That is why YKI (Yayasan Kanker Indonesia – Indonesian Cancer Foundation) chooses CHEERS¬†for its official drinking water. Faster cell regeneration will ensure longer life expectancy, because in general death will occur when the damage in our body is too extensive to repair or when it is too late to repair through cell regeneration.


CHEERS is sourced from protected natural spring that has been selected and researched by our experts for years, hence the quality and freshness are always preserved.

Production process

Our production process is being done as hygienic and integrated as possible, without the touch of human hand that may contaminate the water.

Gallon Cleaning and Sterilization

Before being reused, all CHEERS gallons will undergo a selection process, and gallons that are unfit for reuse will be separated for recycling, while gallons that are still up to standard will be cleaned from pollutant and bacteria by using hot high pressure water spray.

Gallon Filling Process

Empty gallons that have been through the cleaning process and sterilization will be directed to go to the gallon filling machine are integrated with instalation of gallon seal. The whole process is done in an isolated and sterillezed area to minimize physical contact with human.

Packaging Production Process

To ensure hygiene and to monitor every single process, we also produced our own packaging. Producing our packaging under one roof decreases the chances of unwanted microorganism to stick to the product when transporting the packaging, as well as reducing the carbon monoxide emission produced from the transport.

Bottles Filling Process

The bottles are then transferred into the filling units that are integrated with the labeling process. The whole process is done in an isolated and sterilized area to minimize physical contact with human as well as air borne pollutants.

quality assurance

Everyday our experts are responsible to conducts test to ensure that every drop of water that we produced is free from bacteria, fungus, and all other dangerous materials.

We also measure the alkaline level, the clarity, and mineral content everyday. This is also a part of the commitment that CHEERS made to make sure that we only produce quality products for your health.

Marketing Network

Through our branches and agents spread all around the nation and abroad, CHEERS are distributed until it reaches the hands of our consumers. We take pride for the recognition and acceptance of our products both domestically and internationally.

Distribution Fleet

Distribution fleet is a crucial part of our chain of distribution. Our hundreds of shipping trucks are in charge of distributing our CHEERS products every day from the factory to the consumers. We also utilize mini-trucks for its practicality and ease of access to narrow paths.


Some of the awards and recognition we achieved are :