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Body pH is too acidic, dangerous!
19 November 2019 Admin 3min read
Ideally the body has a balanced body pH so that it can work well. Ideal body pH usually exists at vulnerable 7.2 to 7.4. If the body's pH is below that, it can be said to be an acidic body condition. In fact, unhealthy and instantaneous li...
Tips to Stay Healthy for Night Workers
12 September 2018 Admin 3min read
Healthy living starts from healthy habits. Starting from nutritious intake to enough rest. Well, what about the work that requires night shifts? Of course the rest hours are also a certain intake when the night is not good for health. According to...
Healthy Life With an Alkaline Diet
03 August 2018 Admin 3min read
Healthy life starts to become a lifestyle. Starting from choosing healthy food whether it's organic or choosing to become a vegetarian, sports begins from jogging to the gym, to what is not left behind is a diet. For those who feel they are overwe...

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