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Pay Attention to This Before Exercising When Fasting
16 April 2021 Admin 3min read
Exercise while fasting? Why not. However, you must remember that for approximately 12 hours of fasting, the body does not get intake. So, what should be considered if you want to exercise while fasting? 1. Exercise Time...
Lifestyle Trends in 2021
23 March 2021 Admin 3min read
Pandemics make us have to adapt to new habits and lifestyles. Check out the lifestyle that is trending in 2021. Hopefully this can be an inspiration, Cheers Friends. Healthy lifesty...
Healthy Lifestyle, Effective Secret to Cancer Prevention
01 February 2021 Admin 3min read
The habit of healthy living seems increasingly scarce. This can be seen from the increasingly uncontrolled lifestyle and diet. Plus the level of pollution that increases free radicals. This condition will ...

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